Song About Eve Online

Located in: Doubleclicks
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Everything was perfect for a while
Even after 23 months you still made me smile
We had plans to celebrate our anniversary
That was the day
You started playing EVE

It looks almost too boring to be real
How would you get hooked on that "spreadsheets in space" feel
After 24 straight hours, I knew the tales were true
You'd never stop
having mining to do

Oh oh oh... you're playing Eve
A MMO so complex and with so much to achieve
It's hard to compete with a universe so great
and broad and deep - but I can wait...

We will make it through, I know we will
We've survived Minecraft, Halo and Dwarf Fortress and Farmville
I'lltry not to be jealous of your space combat affair
And I'll use Isk
to show you that I care

Oh oh oh... you're playing Eve
Set a skill to train and tell your friends you have to leave
Warp away from them and come to my world for a while
I need help with my 14-day free trial