Cosmic Demigod

Located in: Amor Aeternus
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(Jordan Mcguigan)

Bow down mere mortals for I'm a capsuleer.
Undock from your stations and see I'm a force to fear
Fitting my Vindicator and now I'm a total slayer.
A terminator making short work of my haters.

With my skirmish link Loki giving me the boosts.
Entangle with me and you'll see you have all to lose.
Once you get in too close there is no escape.
Don't be too foolish or you will seal your fate.

You spend time mining, you don't know how to live.
Give me the tears carebear see how many fucks I give.
In eve you consent to pvp the moment you log in.
Come to my space and you'll witness the beast there-in.

Keep talking your smack and go hire your mercs.
Quality beats quantity when you get on my turf.
For all you noobs to me are nothing but dogs.
There's nothing you can do I'm a cosmic demigod.

All - Cosmic Demigod x4

(Luke Mcguigan)

Yeah, coming like fucking Schwarzenegger.
Try to attack my base, you'll know the meaning of terminator.
I'm the embodiment of domination in steel.
Step to my guns, shits about to get real.

I travel faster then the speed of light.
So why the fuck do you think you can put up a fight - punk.
Combat innovation, no one is more.
Welcome to lowsec, about to give you a tour.

This is EVE, World of Warcraft is just child's play.
Better learn fast or you got debts to pay.
Proper hardcore to the third fucking degree.
Give your shit some good loving, they're about to be debris.

Try hard and keep testing my patience.
Little do you know, you're about to go back to station.
You better have protection you fucking punks.
Cause I'm about to fuck all you cunts.

All - Cosmic Demigod x4

(Solo - Luke Mcguigan)