Craig Mack Corp Hopper's Delight

Located in: Fac Simile
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I say a-flip, flop, a flippy-to-the-flippy
to the flip, flip, flop and ya don't stop;

A walk-on to the corp jump a-boogie,
say up-jumped the Craig-y to the rhythm of the boogie to leave;

Now what you hear is not a test; Craig's a-hoppin' corp to corp;
And me, the tent, and-my-friends are gonna watch him jump once more;

See, he, is, the-one-Craig-Mack and he'd like to say "see yo!";
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow;
But first, he gotta leave-leave-the-corpies;
Say "up jump" to the corpies to the corp jump boogie;

Let's corp-hop! You don't stop!
Rock the flava that'll make you history bop!

Well, so far, you heard my voice but I brought one friendo along;
And next on the mike is my man Tan;
Come on, Tan, sing that song!

Check it out!
I'm Tan the gimp, ex-pirate pimp;
The markets fight for my delight!

But I'm the grandmaster of the cyno cheese;
That gank the undock of the young alties.

And when you come outside, out to the front,
I do the gank, and you do the chump.

And when the sucker-alt tries to prove a point;
We say "GET IN THE TENT!", we're the serious joint;

And from sun to sun and from day to day,
I station-sit-and-write-some-brand-new-spam,
'Cause they say that point-zero-one-ing never cease:
And Chig's made a cyno-ganking masterpiece!

Upli's cyno undock, y'all can't resist!
Everybody! Chig say it goes like this:

Well I was station-sitting late one dark afternoon
A meta-alt asked for recruitment interview;

He said he'd heard the stories and he'd heard the fables;
That I'm vicious to dem cynos and turn da-tables;

This young meta-alt, I did abhor;
So I rocked coy talk like-many-times-before

He feigned, "Damn fly guy I'm in love with you."
"The cyno-killing legends must have been true."

I said, "By the way, baby, who's your main?"
He said, "I go by the name of Gustavo Fring"

"And you could be my corpies, you truly can."
"Just let me quit the corp named 'Mission-Man'."

"They're a buncha' carebears, I do suppose."
"Flyin' Shit-fit Mission-Runnin' Bellicose."

"It may kill the rats or even scoop the loot."
"But when primary called, most don' e'en shoot."

"I need some pirates who got finesse:"
"sendin' cyno alts off on a pod express!"

"My corp may-run-missions all-through-the-night."
"But they can't gank a cyno 'fore it's even light."

And we pirates keen, for dudes to learn.
And mr. meta-alt-'woxer has alts to burn.

So we gon' do it; we go do it, we go do it, do it, do it.
And roam here, and roam there, I'm Big Bad Chig, and I'm everywhere.

Just throw your hands up in the air!
And cry in local with "I just don't care..."

Let's do it; don't stop y'all! Gank a Mack' y'all! Ya don't stop!
Corp hop y'all! Join dem corps y'all! Warp to zero! And-gimme-what-ya-got!
Craig Mack y'all! Corp hop y'all! Gank a Mack y'all! Ya don't stop...

- Chigurh Friendo