Traveling New Eden In Style

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Travelling the stars of New Eden,
Got a destroyer and a barge, oh now I'm living large,
Crossing low-sec systems just to see 'em,
Trying to avoid PVP, but it catches up with me,

Decisions decisions, too many weapon systems,
Blasters use up ammo, but they sure do pack a punch,
The universe is like the Colosseum,
You better not fit it wrong or they'll blow your Abaddon,

Travelling the stars of New Eden,
I just got my battlecruiser, a real slick shit bruiser,
Almost lost it in an L3 mission,
But now I've learnt my lesson I'll tone down the ambition.

Travelling New Eden in style,
My ship looks like a parrot that's smelted out of gold,
My character looks like Joseph Kucan,
Kane lives again and he flies a prophecy,