Located in: Eve Scout
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Lyrics: “Scout" Lyrics by Mynxee Cloak Cloak Cloak it all out This is the cloak I can’t do without Come on Astero be true Come on In null sec space You shouldn’t warp from gate to gate In black and white You really really ought to probe Those wormhole chains Jump boldly into unknown space Kiss null goodbye Fly clever and just slip away Probe Probe Probe it all out My Sisters gear I can’t do without Come on I’m counting on you Hey Bob! You give me sigs And in return I launch my probes I analyze And hope I hit the jackpot here Hack Hack Hack it all out Let there be loot I can’t do without Please Bob I'm talking to you Come on And when I’ve taken down the core If I could change Bob’s mind I'd really love to break the bank Scout Scout EvE-Scout me out These are the scouts I can’t live without When my Last scan probes expire Phone home!