Carrier Down (Wallet Up)

Located in: Governer Shreds
Song Link: Song Link

Wake up in the morning
Think back to what I did last night
My assets are lighter
But my isk's going higher
My carrier lost a fight

Something I known I never should do
My mistake is in plain sight
But if being this wrong is so goddamn fun
I never wanna be right

My killboard's gonna cry
I keep playing like this
Scratch that capital itch
My carriers can't stay alive

Platinum insurance is giving me courage
I jump when I really should dock
My carrier's down
But my wallet is up

I told you for forever
You're the only ship for me
But dropping your ass on a big gang of saps
Is the best part of pvp

I mighta got greedy and acted too needy
I never meant to leave you to die
At the end of the day I don't care what they say
At least my Paladin got out alive

I'm so sorry that you're gone, I never meant to lead you astray
And replacing this loss takes the better part of a day