Do you want to be our FC

Located in: Mealexg
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Do you want to be our FC?
Come on let's go and play
you'll never be affraid anymore
It's time to undock
It's like you warped away!

We used to fly with buddies
but now we're not
I wish you would tell me why?
Do you want to be our FC?
It doesn't have to be the best fleet.
- Go away Umi
Okay, bye.

Do you want to be our FC?
or be a member of black ops
I think to be bitter is overdue
I've started talking with the jita scammer bots. (hanging there crook)
It gets a little lonely, all these docked pods
just watching the days go by...

Please, I know you are tired
but someone shall to lead our fleets
Newbros are cute, and they are waiting too,
They want a roam with you, lets send a ping
We only have to broadcast
and form up the fleet,
what are we gonna do?

Do you want to be our FC?