On My Own (A Pod's Lament)

Located in: Subira Hakuli
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This song was written for Max Singularity and Huey Black, whose wonderful idea it was to create Eve: The Musical. Hope you enjoy

And now I'm all alone again
Nowhere to dock no one to warp to
Without a hull without my probes without a bookmark to escape to
And now the fleet is near
And I would love to disappear

Instead I warp around in space while everybody else is searching
I know they're here but then I wonder why they aren't yet all converging
Insurance paid my hull
But can I get back home to null?

On my own
With local seeming empty
All alone this wormhole's getting scary
In the darkness I feel the cloakies prowling
And when I drop from warp I close my eyes and pray for mercy

Here in space my capsule shines like silver
At the sun it glistens like a mirror
On dscan the system's full of combats
And all I see's them scanning me
Forever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not in comms
And although their scouts seem to be blind
Still I pray there's a way to split

I love eve
But when the fight is over
I am lost
I should have undocked sober
No regrets,
But stuck here at their mercy
I should have saved a bookmark when I
started on this journey

I love eve
But every day I'm learning
That I risk
My genolutions burning
Without them
I could have self destructed
And woken up in station
Ready to undock again
I love eve
I love eve
I love eve
But never on my own