All Across The Imperium

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There must be some faster way down to Delve
Said to the goon to the FC
Is that a fucking incursion?
Thanks a lot, CCP...

Jump fatigue it wastes my time
JDC IV is the worst
But we will all reach Sakht just fine
And start to scorch the earth
Hey, hey

Good reason to be reminded
The vet he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who’ve lived in Delve one time before

In another life it was our home
Winds of change set our fate
But let us not hurf blurf while docked
FC...Can I bring a drake?

All across the imperium
FCs kept their cool
While Jay Amazingness came and went
His socks filled with poo

Down south in cold Aridia
Asher did growl
Cerb fleet forming up in Sakht
The new era’s beginning now