Fit Yo Ship (Check the MOTD)

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If you want to know how to fit your ship
I swear to god I don’t want to say it again
If you’ve got a fucking cell in your brain (HEY, CHECK THE MOTD)
If you want to get that dank SRP 
Make sure you don’t fit like a dumb pubbie
If you’ve got a fucking cell in your brain (HEY, CHECK THE MOTD)

Get a ping in the late night, time is right
Hostiles sittin' on a titan waiting for a big fight
Looking like the brawl of the year so you all better form
It could be the next BR with any luck
Dank front page shit, yeah you know a real dunk
But no matter what you better fit the right prop or you're gone

I peep the fleet count quickly risin' up
Jabber pings to everyone
Saying we need more T3s for some real fun
FC can i catch up? Is the fleet undocked?
Can I bring a drake? Nah, I'm only fuckin trollin' bra
Use local keys, its battle comms
We will undock before to long
Be sure your ship ain't fitted wrong
(Hey I just joined, guys, tell me what’s going on?)


Fits all over the forum, we tried to warn em
With the 90 contracts to alliance they ignorin'
Local count is soarin', hostiles still are formin'
Command channels buzzing in my ear like a zor chain

Watch me make that MOTD with no strings
Watch color coordinate all the things
They should be good now,
I got more important things I should be worryin' bout
What is their comp, where are they headed, who's their FC, do I got a scout?
That's the shit I'm talkin' bout
Coordinating with other FCs in global
They say its goin' down (oh shit), and time is runnin' out (lets go)
Cynos in position, so keep yo ship at range now

I’m getting intel out of desto from an inty
Telling me they just aggressed our bait fleet 
And can we take em? Damn right, so we bridge into the flight
Anchor up, hit yo prop - I hope you all were fitted right

[Chorus x 2]

Check, Check, yo, we all need to warp up to a ping
So you best burn outta this bubble
I swear to god if you dicks fitted an AB
Your shit fit T3 is in trouble
Its the same motherfuckers in every fleet
Who are makin' our FCs struggle
(Hey Ungaar will I still get SRP)
Hell no (what's witchyou?!) you for real?!

Hey yo, we ain't elite PVP, we all love newbies
But didn’t look in fleet? And read MOTD?
But yo, I ain't in the mood, to hand hold this dude
And you all really should - just get good, it ain't rude
You learned in grade 3, you should know how to read
So see MOTD, if you want that SRP
Should you bring some drugs, well it all depends
Do you wanna look a fool in front of all your friends?

So if FC wants a prop, that prop should be fit
And if FC wants to lock, scan res is the shit
And if FC want to drop, we droppin' with this
FC wanna bring a dunk that you don't wanna miss
Fleet talk, Ungaar listen; Ungaar talk, fleet listen
When I list fleet comp; when I ping pay attention
See the links and the fits; it’s damn hard to fuckin' miss
Hostiles just jumped into syst' - so I hope you checked yo fit

[Chorus x 2]

(Can...someone link...the fit?)
(Oh, I swear to fucking god, you guys...)