Viva EVE Vegas

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This year sin-city’s got a great local, this ain't no Amarr Empire
I've got a whole 'lotta liver cells ready to burn
Gonna set this pub-crawl on fire

Come and join the party with 1000 neckbeards
Whether your NC., PL, a goon or carebear
We’ll all drink together over this game we share

Viva Eve Vegas
Viva Eve Vegas

Oh how I love to gamble and booze
And talk about spaceships all day
Game devs become mighty chummy too
When they drink the night away

Oh there’s keynotes, roundtables, and Q and A’s
If you aren’t too hungover you might make three days
And after at the bar the Eve nerds will say

Viva Eve Vegas
Viva Eve Vegas

Viva Eve Vegas, where your grudges fade
And you talk Eve all day
Red or blue you’ll be feelin' fine
Viva Eve Vegas, this year’ll be the biggest
And you’ll not want to miss it
If remember it all, you’ll remember you had a damn good time

I’m gonna align to fun
In the hot Vegas sun
With my corpmates by my side
If my head feels clear I’ll just grab another beer
My BAC will stay above .09

I’m gonna watch every speaker I can
See all my bros and make some new friends
And when its all over I’ll say it again

Viva Eve Vegas
Viva Eve Vegas
Viva Eve Vegas
Viva Viva Eve Vegas