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Remeber the old BCA?
we shit on them pritty hard,

NA hated us hangin out,
They say we murded their shiny shit,

We used to read the intel chan,
and post false intel all day long,

We said someday they will find out how it feels,
to have your favoirte ship nerfed to shit,

My first cap KM was c02,
At least thats what zkil said,

I've had a lot of kills since then,
i havent flown subs since god knows when,


Every memory of a titan bridge,
every memory of actually using drakes,

Its hard to say it, time to say it
goodbyeee, 7 launchers,

Every memory of a black legion drop
Every memory of a BL Dread bomb

Its hard to say it, time to say it
goodbye, white legion,

I miss those dreads,
Kiling those titans,

You cant erase them,
You cant Replace them,

I miss SB,
i cant belive it,

I lost so much isk,
its time to leave it,

If i could relive those days,
i know the one thing that i would never change,

Every memory of droping c-aps,
Every memory of droping b-lops,

Its easy to say it, lets just say it,
Drop caps, Drop caps,

Every memory of not counter droping,
lets drop some caps to-ni-ght,

Its easy to say it, time to say it
All caps jump, All supers jump,

Look at this youtube vid,
everytime i do it makes me laugh,

Everytime i do it makes me,