The High Sec Miner

Located in: Jev
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Well, it's in the evening after dark
That the high sec miner creeps to work
In his untanked barge and dirty shirt
There goes the high sec miner

Well, he grabs his ship and out he goes
To the asteroids that lie below
There's not an Eve player in this town row
Will look at the high sec miner

Oh, Kador space is a terrible place
They shoot hot lead in the miner's face
And around the belts they run a race
To gank the high sec miner

So dinnit gan near the Chanoun mine
Across the way they stretch a line
To catch the throat and break the spine
Of the dirty high sec miner

So we ganked his hulk, and stole his ore
And blapped him back to the pod bay door
Off you go forever more
You dirty high sec miner

So join with us while you still may
And don't wait till you’re blown away
For that may not be far away
You dirty high sec miner