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Welcome to Sounds of New Eden!  This site features artists around the Eve Online community in the forms or parodies and original player created music.  This listing started back in 2011 off a sub-domain off the Gaming Radio Network domain and has evolved and grown bigger to the point of obtaining it's own domain to hold and share the collection.  This listing is here to promote the artists of the community first and foremost.  All songs will display links where you can listen to the songs.  The only time a song with be aviable for download is at the artists' request and is no longer listed online (expired link, expired domain, ect).  We are also always on the look out for new artists in the Eve community and if you want to help us please click on the submission menu item.

Enjoy! Make sure to check back often as this listing is often attempted to keep as up to date as possible! To see the latest additions you may view the recent additions via the sidebar links.  Make sure to also check out Eve Radio - a internet radio station dedicated to the Eve Online community and many talented DJ's to keep music going while you play Eve!

Sounds of New Eden has been added as an official Eve Online Fan Site as of October 2015!

Collection Last Updated: June 26th, 2017

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